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New Agri-King Drench for Stressed Cattle

FULTON, IL (July 26, 2017) — Agri-King is releasing its newest nutrition product for the cattle industry, Agri-King Drench. This product is part of the improved Key Beef Program from Agri-King, Fulton, Ill. The product is an oral symbiotic product created to provide nutritional support to cattle during times of stress using electrolytes, B vitamins, and Agri-King’s patented Tri-Lution® technology. It was designed for convenient application to feedlot cattle at processing.

The most consistently documented response reported by current clients using AK Drench includes increased feed and water intake, even on naïve animals, and animals that are healthier during receiving diet adaptation.

Agri-King, Inc. is headquartered in Fulton, IL, USA, and is internationally known for its precise feed analyses, ration formulation, and innovative feed-related products. Agri-King is a highly-respected leader in working with livestock producers to optimize production, enhance feed efficiency, and maximize producer profits.

Agri-King believes that capturing the nutritional value in feeds is the Key to Profit.

For more information, please visit, www.agriking.com or phone 800-435-9560.