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Agri-King has been providing personalized livestock nutrition programs to our international clients since 1997. It doesn’t make any difference what animals you have, how or what you feed, because we customize every livestock ration to fit your nutritional needs to maximize herd performance and your profits.

International Livestock Nutrition Services

In 1997, Agri-King Ltd was established in the United Kingdom, introducing Agri-King products to the European market and making Agri-King an international animal nutrition company. Within a few years, Agri-King began selling Silo-King® in Canada.

Over the past decade, Agri-King has expanded into new markets and now operates in many countries around the world. In Europe, we are active in Ireland, France, Italy, and the Netherlands. On the Mediterranean Coast, we work in Israel. We also have partners in Korea with more countries coming on board each year.