Silo-King in Canada


Silo-King® is Agri-King’s multi-purpose forage and silage additive designed to allow farms to get the most from their homegrown feeds. The synergistic ingredients work together to guide forages through the ensiling process, predigest fibers and complex starches and provide aerobic stability to limit spoilage. With over 50 years of research and development behind it, Silo-King® is the premier forage additive in the Canadian market.

What Sets Silo-King Apart?

  • Less Heating – Antioxidants scavenge oxygen within the forage or grain, minimizing respiration and heating to reduce dry matter loss and retain more nutrients.
  • Increased Digestibility – Enzymes break down the cell wall and predigest stem fibres and grain starches, unlocking valuable nutrients and allowing the forage or grain to be more easily digestible in the rumen.
  • Enhanced Palatability – Reduced spoilage helps retain sugars to reduce secondary fermentation, which allows for improved palatability for livestock.
  • More Energy – Improved digestibility and nutrient retention help make for higher quality feeds with more available energy.
  • Improved Storage Life – Spoilage and heating are controlled to improve bunk life, resulting in minimized dry matter loss.


Key Ingredients

  • Lactic Acid Bacteria (LABs) – Controls ensiling process to completion; reduces dry matter loss; lowers pH for quicker fermentation
  • Enzymes – Predigests complex fibres and grain starches, increasing digestibility and sugars while releasing more
    energy for rumen microorganisms
  • Food-grade Antioxidants – Maintains oxygen-free environment to limit rancidity and growth of “spoilage organisms”.


What Varieties Are Available in Canada?

Silo-King® is a multi-purpose forage and grain treatment program that is available in two forms in the Canadian market: Silo-King® Plus II and Silo-King® WS.

  • Silo-King Plus II is a dry product, which comes in 15 kilogram bags and is designed to treat alfalfa silage, corn silage, high moisture shelled corn and alfalfa hay.
  • Silo-King WS comes in 500-gram canisters. Each 500-gram canister treats 125 metric tonnes. This water soluble form is easily used by producers and custom operators on alfalfa silage, corn silage and high moisture shelled corn.
Information on this page applies to Canadian product only.