Dairy Cows Eating


Agri-King’s Key Dairy Program provides producers personalized rations with flexible solutions to improve herd production and profitability. These highly-fortified products perform in precisely-balanced rations for optimal herd health and performance to meet the nutritional needs of all classes of dairy cattle. Agri-King strives to help each operation, no matter the size, achieve their goals.

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Agri-King’s Key Dairy Program

The nutrition program is comprised of five facets that, when brought together, help give farmers optimal production and feed efficiency.

photo of dairy cattle feeding

Bioavailable Trace Minerals

Dairy VT-Max® and Dairy Tri-Max® are precisely balanced trace mineral and vitamin supplements, formulated using the latest mineral technology to optimize all aspects of milk production.

Direct-Fed Microbials

Ru-Mend® and Zy-Mend® are direct-fed microbial/enzyme combination products that deliver targeted improvements in starch, protein and fiber digestion, resulting in enhanced performance and feed efficiency.

Proprietary Synbiotics

Tri-Lution® contains a patented source of live (viable), naturally-occurring microorganisms, including yeast, lactic acid-producing bacteria and pre-biotic nutrients that provide balance in the rumen and intestines to promote overall health and performance.

Feed Testing and Ration Formulation

Bring it all together with personalized ration formulation based on the analyzed nutritional content of your feed ingredients.

Forage and Grain Treatment

Treating forages and grains with Silo-King® minimizes heating and dry matter loss, resulting in enhanced digestibility and nutrient retention.

Our highly-trained Area Managers help identify your needs, provide solutions and work with you to increase dairy performance and your profits.