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Agri-King’s mission has always been to help farms maximize their profitability. That’s why we provide all our livestock nutrition clients with services to ensure their livestock is performing to the best of their capabilities or to troubleshoot any issues that may arise on the farm. Whether you’re involved with dairy, beef, swine or poultry, these services are provided to you at no additional cost as an Agri-King customer.

Complimentary Livestock Nutrition Services

livestock nutrition rationsCustom-Built Livestock Rations

Agri-King balances every livestock feeding ration to fit the clients’ needs and to help them maximize their herd’s performance and give them the best possible nutrition. All custom rations are put together and balanced by our team of highly trained and educated nutritionists and ration analysts.


lab serviceLab Services

Agri-King established ANALAB in 1972 to test feedstuff samples to personalize its livestock feeding rations. ANALAB is a premier state-of-the-art laboratory and research facility operated by an innovative, pioneering team of professional chemists and microbiologists who interpret analytic data and provide solutions through testing. Each year, ANALAB processes more than 60,000 samples from the United States and around the world.


Personal Nutrition Consultation

Agri-King strives to provide the best service to each of its clients. Our field staff regularly make in-person, on-farm visits to ensure the clients’ products are working to expectation and troubleshoot problems that may arise. In addition, our nutrition staff is on call throughout the day to answer questions clients may have.

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