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About Us

Agri-King believes capturing the nutritional value in feeds is the Key to Profit. Our story for over 50 years centers on our desire to improve livestock health for dairy, beef, poultry and swine producers through highly-fortified and properly-balanced diets while increasing your bottom line. 

The Agri-King Story

Agri-King has more than 50 years of experience in researching, developing and feeding enzymes and microbial products to livestock operations. Our goal is to create partnerships with our clients through the services we provide. We want to be a consultant our clients can go to with questions about their operations.

Agri-King is certified by Safe Feed/Safe Food (SF/SF) and Feed Materials Assurance Scheme (FEMAS is an IFIS-compliant standard).


The Agri-King Mission

Agri-King is a family of individuals with diverse talents who are united as a TEAM by a common goal.

This team is dedicated to selling and serving the farming community by providing the most advanced nutritional concepts and products through the utilization of the latest technology.

This is the key to achieving its goals of maximizing the profits of its clients and, in turn, its shareholders.

Agri-King pledges that, in its quest of this goal, it will continue to demonstrate a commitment to excellence by being the leader in preserving our agricultural heritage and improving the long-term prosperity of farmers.

Agri-King Values

Integrity – We will conduct business fairly and ethically. All decisions made will be in the best interests of the people we work with.

Teamwork – All employees will work together, supporting each other to achieve common goals. Everyone on the TEAM plays a role in our success.

Accountability – We are responsible for our plans, decisions, and actions to ourselves, our TEAM, and our clients.

Prosperity – We will provide innovative products and services to improve the future of our clients, employees, and our company. This is the reward of integrity, teamwork, and accountability.

Have fun!

Our History

Over 50 Years of Experience

In 1968, Del Curley developed an idea based on the success farmers were experiencing by testing their soil and fertilizing accordingly. He thought this concept could also be used to test feedstuffs and then supplement the nutrients that livestock rations were lacking. Agri-King became the first to test feedstuffs and balance feeding rations using highly-fortified products. Through the years, Agri-King continues to lead the industry with innovative ideas along with the development of superior products.


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