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Beef Programme

beef cattle united kingdom irelandAgri-King’s Beef Programme provides beef producers personalised rations with flexible solutions to improve herd profitability. These highly-fortified products perform in precisely-balanced rations for optimal herd health and performance to meet the nutritional needs of all classes of beef cattle.

Agri-King Beef Programme

Ration balance and live weight gain are critical for profitable beef production. In the beef industry feed is the major cost so it is crucial that it is utilised to it’s fullest potential. In addition to leading fortification products Agri-King has developed a unique enzyme product, Maximiser®, to allow intensively fed beef animals to utilise their feed better.

Over 15 years ago Agri-King developed Ru-Max, a product designed to increase feed utilisation for medium to high forage diets. Ru-Max helps rumen bugs break down the forage and grain more efficiently with higher liveweight gain per kg of dry matter intake.

Feed Efficiency

Feed efficiency has been used in the swine and poultry industry for many years. Dairy and beef farmers are now becoming more aware of the concept because of the high cost of feed. It is a simple measure of output of meat or milk per kilo of dry matter intake.


VT-Max: Our world-class vitamin/trace element product.
Silo-King®: Suitable to treat all silage, hay and grains. Used on more than 3 million tons annually around the world. Organic product is also available.
Maximiser: An enzyme-based product for intensively finished beef cattle.
Ru-Max: A unique combination of enzymes and yeast to help produce better feed efficiency.
Super Micro®: Specially designed to help high production animals and pre-calvers through stressful times.
Micro XX®: Designed to help animals cope with high nitrate forages.