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Dairy Programme

Agri-King’s Dairy Programme provides dairy producers personalised rations with flexible solutions to improve herd profitability. These highly-fortified products perform in precisely-balanced rations for optimal herd health and performance to meet the nutritional needs of all classes of dairy cattle.

Agri-King Milk Cow Programme

Agri-King formulates rations to meet your performance goals while promoting good feed efficiency, health and fertility. Modern cows are bred to milk but unless the nutrients in the milk are replaced the cow will drain her body reserves and very soon, production and cow health will suffer.

This is why all of Agri-King’s products contain industry-leading levels of fortification. Our fortification products are formulated using the latest research and contain excellent levels of trace minerals and vitamins A, D and E.

In addition, we provide B vitamins to aid the cow in fat and energy metabolism plus digestive enzymes and yeast. This is particularly important for high production and when cows are under stress.

dry cow united kingdom irelandDry Cow and Transition Cow Nutrition

On dairy farms, the dry and transition cows are the most important group on the farm. Getting the cows off to a good start will determine the success of the whole lactation. Care must be taken to avoid weight gain in the cows just after they are dried off, particularly in cows that have had an extended lactation.

In the three weeks prior to calving the cow’s requirements change dramatically as she prepares for the lactation. Dry matter intake falls, just as the cow starts to make colostrum and her requirement for energy, protein and nutrients increases. This requires careful management to ensure an easy calving and smooth transition onto the milking ration.

Faststart is a dry and transition cow nutrition programme developed by Agri-King to ensure that the requirements of the cow are met and she can produce at an optimum level. Health problems such as milk fever, retained placenta, metritis and displaced abomasum are common after calving and lead to significant loss of production and fertility and, of course, incur additional veterinary costs. Faststart enables producers to keep these metabolic problems to a minimum.

calves united kingdom irelandAgri-King Youngstock Programme

The youngstock are the foundation of any livestock operation, so managing this group should not be overlooked. Agri-King aims to put as much care into these animals as any other on the farm. Simple, cost-effective diets making good use of homemade forages ensure that calves reach bulling and calving weights so they can deliver their best in the herd.


VT-Max: Our world-class vitamin/trace element product.
Silo-King®: Suitable to treat all silage, hay and grains. Used on more than 3 million tons annually around the world. Organic product is also available.
Ru-Max: A unique combination of enzymes and yeast to help produce better feed efficiency.
Super Micro®: Specially designed to help high production animals and pre-calvers through stressful times.
Micro XX®: Designed to help animals cope with high nitrate forages.
Key-Lyte: Formulated specifically for pre-calving cows.