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Analyze Your Mineral Program

By Dr. Aimee N. Hafla, Ph.D., P.A.S. As we get closer to spring and begin to think about green grass and grazing cattle, it is a good time to evaluate your mineral supplementation program. It takes more than just energy and protein to ensure optimal health and performance of beef cattle. Vitamins and minerals are […]

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Managing Nitrate and Ammonia Issues

By Dr. Dave Jones, Ph.D., P.A.S. Nitrates and ammonia can be found in forages and either one or both can reduce animal productivity. The oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood is decreased when nitrates bind to the hemoglobin, forming methemoglobin. Low blood oxygen inhibits cellular and energy metabolism by the cells. Ammonia increases blood pH, can […]

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New and Improved Silo-King®

The Best Just Got Better By Dave Spangler and Dr. Dan Schauff, Ph.D., P.A.S. For nearly 50 years, Agri-King has used Silo-King® as a forage additive tool to help forage and dairy producers retain greater quantity and improve the quality of harvested forages. Agri-King has always had three basic goals in mind to improve forage […]


The New, Updated Analab Website

Have you gotten the chance to check out the new, updated Analab website? Maybe you’re not even sure what Analab is. Analab is a division of Agri-King, Inc. It is a professional agricultural testing laboratory that has been helping farms, feed companies, researchers, and agricultural manufacturers throughout the United States for years. Analab provides a detailed analysis of […]

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Pre-Fresh Cows: Are They Ready to Transition

By David Jones, Ph.D., P.A.S. Preparing pre-fresh cows to properly transition from the dry period to lactation is instrumental to the success of the cows once they freshen and begin lactation.  Some basic goals when preparing pre-fresh cows to transition to lactation are: Maximize DMI before and after calving Maintain immune function Minimize body fat […]

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Water – The Often Forgotten Essential Nutrient

By Grace Thomas, M.Agr.Sc., P.A.S. Calves are born with 75-80% of their body consisting of water; as they mature water content drops to 50-60%.  Animals with higher body fat have lower body water content. Water is not only essential to sustain life; it plays numerous vital roles in the body.  Many of which influence not […]

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Why Choose Agri-King

With 50 years of experience, Agri-King is known for our precise feed analyses and highly-fortified products. When searching for an animal nutrition company, you want to come across a committed, hardworking company that truly values its clients as well as their livestock. If that is something that you are looking for within a company, you […]

Advantage Liver Abscesses

Liver Abscesses

What You Don’t See Can Hurt Cattle Performance By Dr. Aimee Hafla, Ph.D., PAS Abscesses occurring on the livers of cattle are the primary cause of liver condemnation at the packing plant and result in an estimated loss of up to $64 million annually for the beef industry in the United States (Herrick et al., 2017). […]

Alfalfa forage

Alfalfa Winterkill – What Do I Do Now?

By Dr. James C. Coomer, Ph.D., PAS There appears to be significant winterkill on alfalfa stands throughout the upper Midwest this year due to the mild winter and lack of snow cover to protect the plants. If you are among those experiencing significant winterkill on your alfalfa crop then you are probably asking the question […]

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Molds and Fungi and Mycotoxins, Oh My!

By Dr. Gene P. Gengelbach, Ph.D., PAS There has been a great deal of concern lately about mycotoxins in the 2016 grain and forage crops.  Many producers are surprised because, in many cases, yields were good and there is no visible mold in the corn or corn silage.  This article will discuss what mycotoxins are, […]

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