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Agri-King strives to help each individual equine operation achieve their goals. Our Area Managers are trained to help identify your needs and provide solutions.

Equine Nutritional Products

equine nutrition oklahoma, equine nutrition products oklahomaAgri-King strives to help each individual equine operation achieve their goals. We want your horses to develop in a healthy way, resist disease, and have a great appearance. Specifically, our equine products focus on the following aspects of equine or horse nutrition:

  • Growth of colt and yearling
  • Muscle and organ development
  • Bone structure and strength
  • Hoof development
  • Resistance to disease
  • Hair coat and overall appearance

Agri-King provides several high-quality equine nutrition products for optimum horse health. Supplementing these vitamins and nutrition products helps equine health stay consistent and great. The following are some of the products that we offer:

Super Sheen Horse Multi-Factors supplies the daily requirements of vitamins and trace minerals. It is designed to aid in health, immune function, body maintenance, and performance.

A-K Hoof King® is designed to be fed to horses to promote hoof health and hoof tissue integrity. It should be fed in situations when hoof health is poor due to hairy warts, foot rot, laminitis, soft hoof tissue or any condition that negatively affects hoof health and integrity. Make sure you’re on top of your farm’s horse nutrition.

Tri-Lution® is a direct-fed microbial designed using competitive exclusion technology to help animals through stressful times.