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What Sets Silo-King Apart?

Are you looking forward to next season? Here’s how you can get a head start and get a deal while you’re at it. Silo-King is Agri-King’s multi-purpose forage and grain treatment program for use on corn silage, haylage, large and small square bales, round bales, baleage, high moisture cracked grains and small grain silages. All forms of Silo-King® are non-corrosive, non-toxic and safe for all livestock.

Silo-King® is available in four forms to best fit your operation:

  1. Silo-King® is our standard, granular version that works on corn silage, haylage, alfalfa hay, grass hay, balage, high moisture cracked grains and small grain silages.
  2. Silo-King® WS is a water soluble version that works on haylage, corn silage and high moisture corn.
  3. Silo-King® Plus offers a convenient method of applying directly to crops, such as hay, haylage, corn silage and high moisture corn.
  4. Silo-King® Special is the organic version approved by the Midwest Organic Services Association (MOSA) “for use in organic production.”

Information on Applicators

Silo-King has a wide variety of applicators that are able to fit the needs of almost any farming operation. Our applicators are no mix, no water, no corrosion, and more. Agri-King works with you to achieve ensiling the best forage under various conditions. We offer a Silo-King® applicator for every size operation as well – Goliath, David, Sidekick, and the Gandy® P-45.

Why Buy Now vs. Later

Preseason booking discounts are available when purchasing Silo-King in the month of December from Agri-King. These special deals will last only for the month of December, and they’ll be a holiday treat for your budget and your farming operation when you purchase Silo-King. Whether you’re looking for a granular, water soluble or organic product to work on your haylage, silage, and baleage, there’s no better choice than Silo-King.

Want More Information?

Contact us! We are happy to discuss with you the great deals that we have going on in the month of December, and we want to help you get the most from your forages.

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